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Hayley Atwell for The Times

Another great interview and photoshoot featuring Hayley by The Times. Click on the link below for the full interview.

The Times – In all but one way, the role and the actress are a perfect match. Hayley Atwell, like Margaret Schlegel, the heroine she plays in the BBC’s immaculate new classic serial, Howards End, is clever, morally alert and strong-willed. Like Margaret, Atwell has mixed heritage, although Atwell is Anglo-American rather than ancestrally German. Being half an outsider, she thinks, makes you “nosy” and curious about people. Yet both Atwell and Margaret speak cut-glass received English, so the natives never guess that they are spying.

Professionally it is a good fit too. Atwell comes to the part after a spell in America, where she stunned as Marvel’s Agent Carter, but where her next TV series flopped. Her return from Hollywood is its loss and our gain. “I was clear,” she tells me over lunch in a London restaurant, where beneath our table snoozes her pet chihuahua, Howard, “that this was the kind of work I wanted to do and these were the kinds of people I wanted to work with.” These people include Matthew Macfadyen, who plays Margaret’s widowed suitor, Henry Wilcox, the series director, Hettie Macdonald, and Kenneth Lonergan, the writer and director of Manchester by the Sea, who adapted EM Forster’s novel.

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November 17th, 2017

Hayley Atwell for Stella Magazine & Grazia Daily

Hayley is currently featured in two magazines: Stella and Grazia Daily. Accompanied are some great and insightful interviews plus new photoshoot photos! Enjoy!

November 17th, 2017

Hayley interviewed by The Idler Magazine

Hayley is on the cover of the newest issue of The Idler which includes a great new interview and beautiful photoshoot. I’ve added the photos that have been released to the gallery – hopefully more will surface soon! You can read the interview below.

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Why Hayley ditched Twitter and Facebook
Tom Hodgkinson: Tell us about your attitude to different social media, Facebook, Twitter?
Hayley Atwell: I came off Twitter. I had close to a million followers and I had women, girls in particular, saying, “Thanks to your character, I’m seventy days self-harm free”. They would project a lot on to me, that I was their saviour. I understand it was a fifteen-year old girl thing. I’m sure I did it when I was that age. But I didn’t quite know what to do with it. I wasn’t sure what I felt either way so I came off it for a bit. And I came off Facebook. I found that there were probably only about ten people on Facebook that I actually would have gone for a cup of tea with. The other thing I felt is that it stopped me from being able to have face-to-face conversations with people. I would know what my godchildren were doing and looked like, but not because I’d spent any time with them. My best mate doesn’t know that I’ve seen all this. It’s not a conversation. So I actually found that social media was making me very lonely. I would see other people’s posts, and we only project what we want the world to see, so it was all bullshit. So I came off of it and went back on Instagram. But I made some social media rules that I now live by, which is to never post when hungry, angry, lonely or tired. Don’t look up ex-boyfriends. Don’t look up people that you’re jealous of. Don’t Google yourself. Do not read comments. Contribute positively. Don’t engage in controversy or become too political.

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November 2nd, 2017

Disney sets release date for ‘Christopher Robin’

Thanks to Deadline, we have a tentative release date for Christopher Robin: August 3rd, 2018!

In addition, the untitled live action Disney fairy tale slot occupied for Aug. 3, 2018 has been designated to Disney’s untitled Christopher Robin Project. For a while, many were wondering what this film would be. This is the Marc Forster-directed film about the working class Robin, played by Ewan McGregor, who encounters Winnie-the-Pooh who sets him back on a joyful life. Hayley Atwell also stars. Unlike this past August which lacked a marquee title to kick off August, the hope here is that Disney actually has one to carry us through the last month of summer.

September 13th, 2017

Hayley Atwell Joins Ewan McGregor in Disney’s ‘Christopher Robin’

How exciting is this?! Hayley was cast alongside Ewan McGregor for Disney’s production of Christopher Robin. Thanks to Variety, we have some information on the project:

“Christopher Robin” follows Disney’s ongoing model of taking animated classics from its archives and giving them a live-action spin, centering on Robin (McGregor), the little boy from the “Winnie the Pooh” series, who is now all-grown-up and lost all sense of imagination. Pooh and his friends reenter Robin’s life to help him find it once again. Atwell will play Robin’s wife.

August 3rd, 2017

Hayley Atwell to star in adaption of ‘Howard’s End’ series From Starz, BBC

This looks amazing! I’m excited to see Hayley back on screen in a historical drama again.

Deadline: Starz has teamed with BBC to co-produce the limited series Howards End, based on the classic E.M. Forster novel with Oscar-nominated Manchester by the Sea screenwriter Kenneth Lonergan writing the TV adaptation. Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter), Matthew Macfadyen (Ripper Street) and Tracey Ullman (Tracey Ullman’s Show) have been tapped to star in the project, originally greenlighted by BBC One in December 2015. Hettie Macdonald (White Girl) will direct the four-part series that will air on BBC One in the UK and Starz in the U.S. Howards End will film in and around London.

Howards End explores the changing landscape of social and class divisions in turn-of-the-century England through the prism of three families: the intellectual and idealistic Schlegels, the wealthy Wilcoxes from the world of business and the working-class Basts. Playground is executive producing in association with City Entertainment and KippSter Entertainment.

Atwell will play Margaret Schlegel, Macfadyen will portray Henry Wilcox, and Ullman will play Aunt Juley Mund.

February 15th, 2017

(Photos) Hayley Atwell: Swapping a Secret Agent for a Hot Mess

Last month, Hayley spoke with the NY Times which was accompanied by a gorgeous new photoshoot. Photos have been added to the gallery and you can read the entire interview below. Enjoy!

TORONTO — A boot print. A lab report. A missing file.

These were the main components of a chewy hunk of dialogue that Hayley Atwell kept delivering over several takes on the set of the new ABC drama “Conviction.” It wasn’t Shakespeare, but it didn’t need to be: Her dialogue drew the requisite road map of legal procedurals — you know, that scene where people sit around a table and try to solve the case.

“Exposition party!” Ms. Atwell joked with her co-stars between takes.

The London-raised Ms. Atwell — who has performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company — delivered the lines perfectly each time, in an American accent and while wearing pajamas. She plays Hayes Morrison, a brilliant lawyer, party girl and former first daughter, recruited to investigate possible wrongful convictions and free the unjustly imprisoned. (In the episode at hand, her hot mess of a private life leads Morrison to sleep in the office, hence the pajamas.)

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November 20th, 2016

Hayley Atwell empowers herself and others through letter writing

Hayley visited Studio q last week to discuss Conviction. A small article is posted below, but be sure to visit the official site to view/listen to Hayley’s radio interview!

At the age of 8, Hayley Atwell wrote a number of letters to her future self. On her 21st birthday, she opened one of them and it read: “If there’s any aspect of your life that you’re unhappy with, know that you have the power to change it.”

“It was all quite empowering!” Atwell says now, almost stunned by how wise her younger self was.

That type of acumen has served her well in the years since: the British actress has spent the past decade building up an impressive list of credits in films and TV shows such as Agent Carter, the Captain America movies, Ant-Man and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Now, she is taking some time away from the Marvel universe to tackle a new project, Conviction. Here, Atwell plays a more complicated character named Hayes Morrison, a former First Daughter who is blackmailed into joining a law firm. “This is a great exploration of someone who could be easily misunderstood,” she explains.

As much as those handwritten letters have helped motivate her, Atwell has a knack for writing letters to other people as well. If she’s a fan of someone’s work, she is bound to send that person a letter. (An example she gives is Canadian director Sarah Polley whom she felt compelled to reach out to after watching the 2012 documentary Stories We Tell.)

“If young actors or anyone in the creative field is inspired, truly at their core, by a piece of work that someone has done, it’s a really wonderful thing to reach out,” she argues. “When I meet actors who are genuinely moved by something I’ve done, it’s wonderful — you feel like you’re contributing to the community of the art world.”

Atwell, now 34, admits that her eight-year-old self has one more letter for her for when she turns 40 but she’s unsure if she’ll open it just yet. But one can only assume there’s much more wisdom to be discovered in them.

November 2nd, 2016

Hayley Atwell news & interviews roundup

There have been quite a few new interviews and articles about Hayley, ‘Conviction’, and ‘Agent Carter’ so I’ve complied a list for your viewing pleasure. I’ll be spending this weekend (finally!) creating our press archive so all articles and interviews can be viewed and read automatically through the site 🙂

How Hayley Atwell Envisions ‘Agent Carter’ Coming Back
Hayley Atwell Welcomes ‘Agent Carter’ Fans to Her New ‘Conviction’
Why Hayley Atwell Isn’t Saying Goodbye to ‘Agent Carter’ Just Yet
Hayley Atwell Wants More ‘Agent Carter’: ‘It’s Still a Much Loved Show’
Hayley Atwell Ready to Move From ‘Agent Carter’ to ‘Conviction’
Hayley Atwell Says an ‘Agent Carter’ Special Has Been Discussed, Remains Optimistic
Hayley Atwell prepares for new role on ‘Conviction,’ but is not ready to say goodbye to Agent Peggy Carter

August 5th, 2016

Hayley Atwell shares her ‘Agent Carter’ dreams, talks going bad for ‘Conviction’

In a new interview with TVLine, Hayley talks about ‘Agent Carter’ and ‘Conviction’ – you can read the entire interview below:

When Hayley Atwell landed the lead in ABC’s Conviction pilot, fans of Marvel’s Agent Carter had questions. As did the SSR superstar’s portrayer herself.

Luckily, for at least a brief spell, she found some reassurance. “ABC said, ‘This is not us cancelling Agent Carter,’” Atwell recalls. “‘This is us having a great new project and we really want you in the center of it.’”

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August 4th, 2016

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