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Hayley Atwell joins ‘The Pride’

Some exciting news! According to Jamie Lloyd via the Daily Mail, Hayley as joined ‘The Pride’ a play where Hayley’s the sole leading lady, opposite Harry Hadden-Paton, Al Weaver and Mathew Horne. Rehearsals start Monday with the play to open August 8th at Trafalgar Studios. Some more information about the project is below:

In the play’s Fifties segments, Hayley plays Sylvia: an actress turned book illustrator married to estate agent Philip (Hadden-Paton). Sylvia watches as her husband falls for Weaver’s Oliver. ‘It’s about identity and repression,’ Hayley told me, adding that in 1958, Sylvia didn’t have the vocabulary to articulate her feelings: ‘She had the feminine quality of taking her own pain and putting it aside, as she watches her marriage break down.’ In the contemporary section, the play asks whether Sylvia and the other characters are more enlightened, or not.

Atwell and Lloyd worked together on another Campbell play, The Faith Machine, two years ago and talked then about revisiting The Pride.

July 5th, 2013