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Hayley Atwell news & interviews roundup

There have been quite a few new interviews and articles about Hayley, ‘Conviction’, and ‘Agent Carter’ so I’ve complied a list for your viewing pleasure. I’ll be spending this weekend (finally!) creating our press archive so all articles and interviews can be viewed and read automatically through the site 🙂

How Hayley Atwell Envisions ‘Agent Carter’ Coming Back
Hayley Atwell Welcomes ‘Agent Carter’ Fans to Her New ‘Conviction’
Why Hayley Atwell Isn’t Saying Goodbye to ‘Agent Carter’ Just Yet
Hayley Atwell Wants More ‘Agent Carter’: ‘It’s Still a Much Loved Show’
Hayley Atwell Ready to Move From ‘Agent Carter’ to ‘Conviction’
Hayley Atwell Says an ‘Agent Carter’ Special Has Been Discussed, Remains Optimistic
Hayley Atwell prepares for new role on ‘Conviction,’ but is not ready to say goodbye to Agent Peggy Carter

August 5th, 2016