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First look at Hayley Atwell performing on stage in ‘The Pride’

Here’s our very first look at Hayley in costume as Sylvia performing on stage in ‘The Pride’ =]

August 12th, 2013

‘The Pride’ at Trafalgar Studios on Aug 9-10th

I’ve added some new photos of Hayley leaving after performing ‘The Pride’ at Trafalgar Studios on August 9th and 10th to the gallery.

August 11th, 2013

Hayley Atwell: From Captain America to Jimi Hendrix

TELEGRAPH — Hayley Atwell’s beauty is the first thing you notice about her. She walks out of a rehearsal room near London Bridge into an outdoor café, and it almost makes me laugh. If there were a kit for making a film star, her dark flashing eyes and full lips would be included in the box. What’s more surprising is that she turns out to be so funny.

She’s recently returned from Comic-Con, the American convention that celebrates all things fantasy and sci-fi. She was there because in the Marvel Universe she is Peggy Carter, the wartime British agent girlfriend of Captain America himself, as seen in the 2011 blockbuster The First Avenger. It sounds like a strange experience.

“What is weird is walking down the streets seeing people dressed as superheroes but then picking their nose or running for the bus,” she says. “That’s really surreal. You’re like, ‘I’m sure Wonder Woman doesn’t eat burgers slouched over a bench like that.’ It was very funny, but the level of commitment is quite humbling. There’s an innocence about them as a fan base, it’s not aggressive, but they really do love that world. I approach Peggy Carter as I would any character, then take all the make-up off and go home and be myself. But for the fans, those worlds live for longer within them.”

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August 10th, 2013

Behind the scenes photos from ‘The Pride’ dress rehearsal

Harper’s Bazaar published some lovely new behind the scenes photos of Hayley and the cast and crew of ‘The Pride’ during their dress rehearsal. I’ve added the photos that feature Hayley and, once again, if you’d like to view the rest of the photos from dress rehearsal, click on the link above. Enjoy!

August 9th, 2013

Hayley Atwell in Time Out London

Hayley is looking very pretty on the cover of the August issue of Time Out London for their ‘Made in London: the capital’s hottest homegrown talent’ series where Time Out London celebrates the capital’s creative talent. Unfortunately I’m not able to download a digital copy but you can at the iTunes store or by subscribing to the magazine. If anyone can provide the digital scans please send me an email!

August 6th, 2013

Behind the scenes look at ‘The Pride’

Harpers Bazaar released some great behind the scenes photos of Hayley rehearsing for ‘The Pride’ and they have been added to the gallery. There are a few photos in the feature that don’t include Hayley so if you’re interested in seeing more about ‘The Pride’ please click on the link above!

August 2nd, 2013

Sneak peek rehearsal photos from ‘The Pride’

I’ve added some gorgeous photos of Hayley rehearsing for ‘The Pride’ courtesy Broadway World to our gallery. Enjoy!

August 1st, 2013

Hayley Atwell’s diary from ‘The Pride’ Part 1

Hayley Atwell has written an exclusive three-part diary for Harpers Bazaar about the build-up to the opening of her new play, ‘The Pride’, which examines the changing attitudes towards homosexuality between 1958 and the present day. Hayley’s diary will run from now until the opening night on August 13th. This first extract covers the first week of Hayley at rehearsals which I’ve added under the cut!

Day 1: I didn’t sleep the night before the first day of rehearsals. I never do. Beginning any project is often the hardest part for me, I’m buzzing with nerves and expectations.

The first day involves a meet and greet with the cast and the director, in this case Jamie Lloyd. Jamie starts by showing us a perfect miniature model of the set and talking us through how the scenes will work on stage. The Pride won an Olivier five years ago and its writer, Alexi Kaye Campbell, is also with us on the first day to hear us read his words aloud for the first time.

I already know one actor, Al Weaver, from drama school. The director, Jamie, also directed me two years ago in the Royal Court’s The Faith Machine. But other than that, it’s all new. This initial read-through offers a chance to get to know everyone and to ask questions about the meaning, the subtext or, in my case today, words that I don’t understand, such as ‘felching.’ The definition is not fit for repetition here but Mat Horne (The Catherine Tate Show, Gavin & Stacey) is happy to fill me in with the details.

What’s clear on day one is A) everyone wants this to be a good production B) the play is timely and moving and C) Mat Horne is very, very funny. Mat doesn’t yet know I’ve watched the Gavin & Stacey outtakes about ten times.

At the end of the first day I decide to walk back home from the rehearsal studio. It’s such a beautiful day! It gives me a chance to think about the day, and get some air before heading to the Novak Djokovic fundraising dinner.

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August 1st, 2013

Jamie Lloyd’s Season Press Conference

Hayley Atwell, Simon Russel Beale, John Heffernan, and the cast and crew were seen at a press conference for the Jamie Lloyd season at the Trafalgar Studios theatre in London for their play ‘The Pride’. Several photos from the press conference have been added to the photo gallery with more hopefully to be added soon. Also, be sure to keep checking back later for some more ‘The Pride’ related updates! 🙂

August 1st, 2013

Hayley Atwell in new poster for ‘The Pride’

Hayley is featured in this new poster for ‘The Pride’ courtesy Digital Spy. Philip, Oliver and Sylvia exist in a love triangle which spans over half a century, living and loving simultaneously in 1958 and the present against a background of changing attitudes towards homosexuality. Past and present worlds grind together and melt apart, yet the future and its promise of sexual liberation remains ever elusive, as societal repression gives way to self-deception.

July 23rd, 2013

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